Annual Report 2017

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Corporate Responsibility
4: Communicating our management of corporate responsibility openly

In a world where customers and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of a company’s corporate responsibility credentials it is essential that we pro-actively and regularly talk about and communicate all the valuable work we are doing in this area. It’s essential that we build awareness around all of the projects we’re running and that we regularly engage with and involve our key stakeholders in the many corporate responsibility initiatives we conduct across the business.

Key objectives

Ensure our marketing and communication strategy highlights a number of important messages to include:

  • Our alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (SDGs)
  • The important role we have already played in implementing these goals
  • Our commitment to stop using peat for energy by 2030
  • The rehabilitation of our land
  • The support we lend to our communities

Print, outdoor and online advertising campaign.

Key projects

Our advertising campaign

In 2016, we launched a new corporate brand campaign to change perceptions of Bord na Móna from a more old-fashioned Ireland to a dynamic, progressive company with a focus on securing the future of Ireland’s energy - through innovation and sustainability.

We developed a powerful campaign platform, “Leading the Change,” to reflect and represent the brand’s progression towards more sustainable resources and produced a series of emotive and impactful creative executions - using our research findings as proof points.



OurLand Festival

The Mountlucas Centre

Officially opened in December 2016 the Centre is a unique and important attraction for local, national and international visitors and provides an experience for all visitors, schools and communities to enjoy the full extent of Mountlucas Windfarm.

The Centre where tours are offered by Bord na Móna advocacy staff includes a rainwater harvesting and reuse system, solar panels on the roof to provide hot water - with the Centre’s own electricity supply sourced from an adjacent wind turbine. The Mountlucas Windfarm – which is a local amenity offering cycle paths, walkways and the cultivation of biodiversity offers tangible benefits to the local community.

‘OurLand - the family festival powered by positive energy’

>In August 2016, Bord na Móna launched the ‘OurLand’ family festival in Lough Boora Discovery Park – the company’s first foray into the festival world and an important initiative designed to communicate our sustainability credentials.

‘OurLand’ featured four unique areas around each of the elements Positive Energy, Air, Earth and Fire with each of the zones featuring family entertainment, and a number of different and local food producers. The festival allowed us to reach out into the community in a very interactive, accessible and entertaining way and was very well received with people travelling from the Midlands and beyond to attend.



Biodiversity Action Plan

Biodiversity Action Plan Review

In February of 2017 the first review of the Bord na Móna’s Biodiversity Action Plan 2016-2021 took place at Lullymore Heritage Park, Kildare highlighting the excellent progress made throughout 2016, and the ongoing commitment of the company to the current plan.

This review was a reminder of why Bord na Móna puts biodiversity front and centre and how it intends to build on the wealth of peatland management, rehabilitation, restoration and conservation which it has built up since the company was founded in 1946.

This review was another opportunity for Bord na Móna to reinforce its sustainability credentials and highlight our important work in this area to key stakeholders.



Our Sustainability 2030 Strategy

Materiality Assessment

In 2015 we launched our Sustainability 2030 Strategy, which sets out Bord na Móna’s ambitions and plans to provide a sustainable future by realising the full potential of our land.

Sustainability 2030 is about building a future where Bord na Móna is a profitable company committed to protecting the environment and retaining its strong links with the community.

Our priority is to report back to our stakeholders on our progress in a relevant and timely manner, and in order to do this we are currently undertaking a materiality assessment, with the help of external experts. This will help us to identify the sustainability topics for reporting and will support the development of a long-term strategy. This will also allow us to fulfill our obligation under the provisions of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive 2014/95/EU.