Annual Report 2017

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Bord na Móna’s Horticulture business focused on the manufacturing, marketing and sale of quality growing media products to both hobby gardeners and professional growers in over 30 countries around the world.

The business is continuously driving innovation through our commitment to new product development which meets our customers’ needs and expectations.

Employee insight.

What I really like is the variety of projects I work on and helping people to grow better.

I believe innovation is driving growth. Thirty years on and I am still learning, and that is what I love about working at Bord na Móna. For the professional side of the business quality and consistency are very important in what you offer, attention to detail is everything and that is what we focus on. We do a lot of testing and analyses and both internal and external auditing. We achieved RHP Certification in 2014 and continue to hold this, the highest standard in our industry, for our professional peat substrate.

What I really like is the variety of projects I work on and helping people to grow better. When amateur growers have a problem they assume it is something they have done themselves.

On the other hand when professional growers have a problem they often assume it’s the growing media that is at fault first! I meet growers from around the world, and innovation is the key to the future as growers get larger but fewer and more sophisticated, with increased technology and automation.

The other key area for the future is sustainability. I am currently involved in a project on transition to responsibly sourced growing media use within UK horticulture. This is an industry based initiative and is looking at devising a predictive model for transition to new growing media for professional growers.

Anna Kavanagh
Technical Manager

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FY17 at a glance

Achieved a record market share of 34% in the UK Growing Media Retail market in March 2017.

Completed the acquisition of White Moss Horticulture in December 2016 that will significantly strengthen our position in the UK retail sector and mitigate the risk faced from Brexit.

Continued growth in the Growise brand across Ireland and the UK and introduced a new range of fertiliser products for 2017.

Strong performance across our professional business with new markets opened in United Arab Emirates and Asia.

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The Horticulture business has experienced growth over the last two years and is well positioned to accelerate further. The strategic acquisition of White Moss will support the continuous improvement in our retail supply chain and maintain our leadership position in Ireland and the UK markets.

Our professional business, which is driven by our reputation for high quality Irish peat, is actively developing new market opportunities. We will continue to develop our business and markets with key strategic partners as a core part of our strategy.