Annual Report 2017

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When Bord na Móna was first established over 80 years ago its remit was to deliver a sustainable industry in Ireland by harnessing the country’s indigenous and natural resources. Today we are on a journey of transformation as we work towards our goal to become the leading provider of sustainable solutions to Irish consumers. Our transformation will be driven by unlocking the true potential of our land and creating value for the societies and communities to which it belongs.

Bord na Móna is an integral part of the economic, social and environmental fabric of Ireland and Irish life. As a key employer in the Midlands, we are conscious that our obligations go beyond purely commercial and environmental - and we realise that we also have a social responsibility to our employees and the communities we serve. It is our role, therefore, and our absolute priority to ensure that our long-term strategy delivers on all of these important areas in a robust and balanced way.

Our Mission

To lead the change to more sustainable resources; to responsibly power, heat, recover and grow for the benefit of our communities.

Our Values


Driven naturally by our curiosity for seeing the possibilities in everything around us and imagining the possibilities for the future - we believe in using our natural resourcefulness to deliver ever more efficient solutions.


We believe in our people. We believe in a One Team ethos driving our business forward, speaking in a consistent voice and opening up dialogues with customers and communities on many different levels.


Experience has taught us that only through a greater understanding of our natural resources can we seek to offer more sustainable solutions to all who engage with us. We listen to planet and people, in equal measure to offer more sustainable solutions to all.