Annual Report 2017

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Strategy Review

Bord na Móna operates in a marketplace which is undergoing profound change, driven by increasing regulation and changing customer preferences. In some areas, change has resulted in new opportunities. In others, our activity will be reduced.

In this section we detail how we are responding to this changing world; from the external factors that impact our long-term strategy, to the internal actions that will secure the Company’s 2030 vision.

A summary review for each of the business units illustrates the Group strategy in action.

Our Strategic Imperatives

We have a very clear and overriding vision to lead the change to more sustainable resources and to be recognised as a leader in each of our business markets. Our three key strategic imperatives will help us achieve this vision as they leverage the many strengths that our diversified portfolio provides and create real value for our shareholders.

Leading the change in…

…renewable energy

Ireland has to completely transform the way that we generate and consume energy for the future. We are investing in new forms of low carbon energy that are secure and sustainable.

Key initiatives

  • Partnerships for large scale solar projects
  • Pipeline for large scale windfarm development
  • Biomass supply chain
  • Biomass briquettes
  • Smokeless ovoid plant.

…corporate responsibility

Bord na Móna has always played an active role in the guardianship of our lands and in the communities where we operate. This approach continues today as corporate responsibility is central to everything we do and a priority across all our businesses and locations.

Key initiatives

  • Biodiversity action plan
  • Materiality assessment and sustainability reporting
  • Community engagement
  • Employee health and well-being.

…delivering on our promise to stakeholders

We plan to be a leader in all our business markets so we can ensure a sustainable future for the company and all our stakeholders.

Key initiatives

  • Sustainable employment
  • Helping the government deliver on renewable energy targets
  • Innovation Hub
  • Helping to achieve government targets on waste recycling
  • Creation of sustainable high quality products.